Competition Rules for CTWC Iberia 2023


Any person over the age of 14 who has paid the registration fee of €10 will be able to participate in all stages of the competition. Access to enjoy the event as a spectator will be completely free of charge.

Game version

All phases of the competition will be played in the NTSC version of the game.

Tournament stages

Qualifying: participants, prior to the tournament day, will have reserved a time slot from those available by the organization to carry out their qualification attempts. This time slot, or “slot,” will last for one hour, during which each player will have as many attempts as they want (within the time period) to play in Type-A mode and achieve their highest possible score. At the 50-minute mark, players will be notified to decide whether they want to do a final reset or, on the contrary, continue with the ongoing game, which will be their last game.

If a participant achieves more than 999,999 points, it will be considered a Maxout, regardless of the final score they achieve. Each score that is intended to be counted must be recorded by an organization referee, and it is the player’s responsibility to notify and ensure that their score has been recorded. The referee must be able to see the end-of-game screen (at the moment of top-out) or the rocket screen. A score will not be considered valid if it is shown on the level selection screen. The classification will take into account the highest number of Maxouts achieved and the highest non-Maxout score for tiebreakers.

At the end of all qualification rounds, a list will be compiled with the results ordered according to this criterion to compose the player list for the tournament.

Elimination: the final phase of the tournament will consist of the top 24 players with the highest scores in the qualification round. The top 8 ranked players will directly advance to Round 1 (round of sixteen) of the competition. The remaining 16 players will compete against each other in Round 0 to earn a spot in the round of sixteen.

Round 0 & Round 1: each match will be played as a best-of-three games format. The starting level for each game can be either 15 or 18. The player with the higher score in the qualification round will have the privilege of choosing the starting level for the first game of the match.

Round 2 (quarter-finals): games will be played in a best-of-three format, with the starting level set to 18.

Round 3 & Round 4 (semifinals and finals): games will be played in a best-of-five format, with the starting level set to 18.

All matches will be played with the same “seed” for both players, and the use of the super kill screen at level 39 will be enforced. If the game is not configured in this mode, any points earned by a player upon reaching this level will not count towards the total score.

For timing and space allocation reasons, it is strictly prohibited to continue playing after securing a victory during the tournament phase (aka: No Mullen please). While we all enjoy witnessing record-breaking performances, practicality is important in these situations. 😉

Rules of the house

This is a tournament, but within the spirit of good sportsmanship. Our goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone involved, and we expect all players to exhibit pleasant behavior towards their opponents and referees. For example, a player should never interfere with another player’s game, nor attempt to distract or deceive them. We expect exemplary companionship and camaraderie among participants.

All players must be aware of their scheduled competition times. If, for any reason, a player is called to compete and does not appear within the next five minutes, it will be considered a forfeit. The player will be eliminated from the tournament, and their opponent will be declared the winner of the match with a score of 2-0 (up to semi-finals) or 3-0 (semi-finals and final), advancing to the next elimination phase.

If a player fails to comply with any of the aforementioned rules, an arbiter may issue a WARNING to the player. This WARNING results in an automatic loss of one game (or the ongoing game) if indicated by the arbiter. If the arbiter deems it necessary to issue a second WARNING to a player, that player will be immediately eliminated from the tournament.


The organization will provide all the necessary equipment for both the qualification and elimination phases of the tournament. However, players are allowed to bring and use their own controllers, as long as they are official controllers without turbo functionality (such as cadet and similar clones) or any other modifications that alter their behavior (with the exception of goofy foot). An arbiter will have the final say in determining the validity of a controller. If you have any doubts, it is advisable to ask us in advance.


We will distribute at least $400 among the top four ranked individuals in the tournament (50%, 30%, 10%, and 10%). We have a page on Matcherino where the community can contribute towards this goal.

Additionally, thanks to our sponsors, we will have some additional prizes:

  • The person who wins the competition will receive an Arcade Stick with a connector for the Nintendo NES, courtesy of
  • The individual who places second in the tournament will receive a free entry for him/her the friends he/she chooses to enjoy a 60-minute retro escape room experience called Hex Game, courtesy of




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