CTWC IBERIA 2023 in Madrid

Summary of an incredible experience to be repeated 🙂

CTWC Iberia 2023 participants and organizers

The third edition of CTWC Iberia, second held in person after 2022, was a qualitative leap thanks to the participation of Movistar as a partner of the event, which allowed us to have the facilities of the central Telefónica building located in the heart of Gran Vía in Madrid.

In this incomparable setting we were able to enjoy the attendance of players from all over Europe, and we could even see the best Tetris projected on the stairs of the building.

Entrance stairs of the Telefónica store in Madrid

The whole event took place in the second floor auditorium, which was also customized to breathe the best atmosphere of classic Tetris. In the morning we celebrated the qualifiers, and in the afternoon, the playoffs! Both were streamed live on Twitch and commented by a wide variety of community members. Gunter, Elpailtem, TBricks, Retrocabeza, Vachetbeasty and, of course, the tireless TomelloSoulman, present almost at all times in the broadcast, responsible for the technical preparation of the rendering system with which the tournament was visualized and the wonderful configurations of Nestrischamps for the championship production.

Four-player simultaneous view
Focus view on Vachetbeasty with the rest of the players on screen

During the morning, the clock was the protagonist. Three time slots, of about 50 minutes each, would be the ones that would mark the final position in the standings table for the participants. While the aspirants played their games and set their records, Yelena and Berni were in charge of verifying that each of the classification results were correct and that they had been recorded. The highlight in this phase was to see how Luis was the only player in the tournament who managed to score some maxouts. Specifically, 5. After a little more than three hours we decided to stop for lunch and rest a little. The best was yet to come and we had to regain strength.

CTWC Iberia 2023 bracket

Having recovered our energies, we reached the most important phase of the championship. We had 15 players in a single elimination competition, so Luis went directly to the quarterfinals for his outstanding classification. There were moments for everything during the tournament, with great matches to remember filled with excitement until the very last moment. We were able to witness how Deewee managed to win the trophy for the best player, leaving the entire audience with their mouths open. Luis, for the second consecutive year, obtained an outstanding second place in the competition.

The reception from the community, both those attending the live event and those following the tournament online, could not have been more enthusiastic. It is an unmistakable sign that things were done well and that this is the way forward. With this feeling of happiness we leave you with a great highlights video, as we look forward to the next edition of the tournament. See you next year




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